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Pedro Schreier is a German-Brazil life coach, author, producer, model and actor.

He has established himself as a creative and challenging force in the field of motion pictures and writing. He recently directed a few independent productions in Hamburg and Berlin and works currently on the upcoming animation-sensation ““. 

Since more than half a decade he devoted his life to help people through mentoring and teaching. Ideas and methods that cover the mindset, action and strategies that are necessary to get the most out of one’s life and business can be found in some of his books like  “DENKEN WIE EIN GEWINNER” and “THE BILLIONAIRES BIBLE“.

As founder of Global Production Pictures, a video production company specialised on social media outputs, he is traveling the world for collecting material.

Thinking outside of the box and breaching the status quo are just one the two values he recalls describing him.  

He is currently living in Hamburg, after an exciting history in South Africa and Berlin.

"The time has never been better to prove them wrong and yourself right"
Pedro Schreier close up
A dreamer just like you.