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The Billionaire's Bible

(on English)

Winning is the new Black”

An insight into the mind of a billionaire. A confession of his thoughts and believes combined with some helpful strategies and systems to provide you a helpful and amusing guidance.

Berlin's Paradise

(only on German)

Immobilien Magnat, Edelclubbesitzer, werdender Vater, Rain Man, Mafiaboss und Sugardaddy sind Titel, die dem jungen Berliner Marc Wójcik nicht unbekannt sind. Mit 23 Jahren hat er es geschafft zu Berlins Top-Zuhälter zu werden. Ein unbeabsichtigter Werdegang, den Marc in seinem Geständnis wieder aufleben lässt

This was Rio

(only on German)

Das dramatische und unvergessliche Aufwachsen eines Straßenkindes aus Rio und seiner abenteuerliche Flucht in die unverhoffte Freiheit.



The pact between a cheeky gigolo and a loser to learn from each other


The Gigolo ©2019, describes the comedian relationship between Jack Williams, a handsome womanizer, and  Tommy, a lonesome and shy fellow.

Tommy and Jack meet each other in a pub, where Jack realizes for the first time that he became a joke to all the people he thought of having as friends. 

He discovers emotional and caring parts of Tommy that he used to have. Tommy finds all the desired skills in Jack he never had and wants to acquire. 

So both form a miserable union with the mission to adjust their character at each other. 

The only problem, Jack gives a f**** about Tommy. He is only focused to entertain himself. 

What both did not have foreseen is the problem of falling in love with seemingly the same woman. 


The comedic lovedrama of a suicide victim and a schizophrenic


Bang. Love. Pills ©2019, describes the emotional disturbing relationship between Jason McLane, a cheeky ain’t no good, and the beautiful, but schizophrenic, Laura Watson in a mental hospital. 

Both meet there during a group session after a failed suicide of Jason. He missed the headshot and caused himself dramatical cerebral issues that causes him problems with dealing with his emotions. 

While Jason is now asked to grow up and take responsibilities in a place of despair, Laura is forced to open herself up and put her trust into someone else then her divided personalities. 

A mission that is harmed by brutal guards, strict laws and the sad environment. 

A story told with a lot of heart and good jokes. 


The unique journey of a badass and a blind girl through the world’s end.


Another Sunrise ©2019, describes the emotional disturbing journey of Jason Green, a traveler, and the blind, but smart, Anna Gail through a post-apocalyptic world.

Jason saved Anna from a deadly robbery and is from there own through a shared past with Anna’s Sister Laura, tied to the little, smart girl.

In a world missing of water, clean air and any nature, both try to make it to the desired destination. A space ship. The last one fleeing from the dying planet world.

During their journey they have to deal with deadly AI, dangerous folks, hunger, lonely and cruel companions and the distrust between each other. 

A story that deals with present and upcoming global problems, human incapacities, religion, racism, love and the most important question of life – the role and responsibility of the human species.